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My debut Otorongo LP Sleeps

Digital download of lossless files for your listening pleasure

Released April 6, 2020

If you'd rather have it on Bandcamp, click here


On the making of the album:

During my recovery from a recent hip surgery, I had trouble sleeping. I couldn't roll over onto my side and was in excruciating pain for the first 10 days. My primary pain management was a combination of meds that do the trick, but also make one incredibly nauseous and constipated.

Lots of fun.

Here I was, hobbled at 38 years by my martial arts obsession.

My 10,000 attempts to properly execute the elusive sidekick shredded my already very impinged labrum (hip). .

During my convalescence, I spent many hours laying in bed listening to all this great ambient music. It got me through some difficult stretches and instilled a deep sense of gratitude for intentional music.

Along the way, I decided that I'd like to make my own contribution as a, dare I say, “composer” of such material. This is that.

I wish you deep sleep, vivid dreams and deep restoration. May this music bring you something you need.



Various flutes, ocarinas, Rhodes, Ableton, XLN Retro Color, Moog Grandmother, Rings/Marbles Eurorack modules, Digitakt, Zoom field recorder, Strymon reverb, Shruti, birds, wind, rain.

Vocal contributions from Devi Allen at 14+ mins

Otorongo "Sleeps" LP (digital download)

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