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This is a large handcrafted chakapa, made to order and each one unique.  The leaves are locally sourced bamboo.  The feather is eagle, and for the adornment I have added the symbolic amulet of the all seeing eye which affords protection against outside energies.  This size is ideal for regular use and ceremonial work,  being of significant substance and size without excess bulk, and provides a visceral impact when using on the body.   I layer the larger leaves on the bottom to cut down on the width and to get a longer, fuller chakapa.  These feel really special. 


Each chakapa is unique and crafted with love.  I tap into the morphogenic field to intuit what energies are needed for the person placing the order.  Each can function in ceremonial space for clearing energy, and as a musical accompaniment that soothes and relaxes.  These unique chakapas can hang on your wall to enliven your ceremonial space, yurt, teepee.  


My process for harvesting the leaves is intentional and includes a tobacco offering and prayer to the spirit of Bamboo, honoring it for it's sacrifice, so that we may use these chacapas to help others and hold space for healing with sound.  Once harvested, the leaves are cleaned and blessed with sacred tobacco.  Ancient Icaros are sung to the plants throughout the process.  


The chakapa has a rich history: 


Chakapa - Shakapa - Wind of the jungle is a kind of palm frond made from the leaves of various local plants. It is used by Shamans in the Amazon basin as a rhythm and healing instrument during Ayahuasca ceremonies. The sound of leaves calms the participants and purifies the energy in the room.


In a healing the Huairasacha – Chacapa is rubbed and rattled over or near the patient’s body while singing an icaro (medicine song). This cleanses, refreshes and harmonises the energy field. The shamans have a wide range of movements which produce different sounds and energies.

Eagle Eye Chacapa

  • Shipping to: the USA, from Asheville, NC 28803.

    We must use a fairly large box to accomodate the leaves of the chacapas, so as not to bend them.  When you recieve your chacapa, please follow the care instructions, using a mister with water to rehydrate and clean it. Retie any loose string as needed.   

    Dimensions of box: 26 x 24 x 6 in

    Packed lovingly with a hand written note on hand made paper (by Jen!) and includes a sacred healing song from the Andean traditions, picked specifically for you.  

    Shipping within: 7 days from Asheville, NC

  • Please note:

    The Huairasacha or Chacapa will not arrive with you as you see in the first picture. The leaf fronds have travelled a long way and have often been compressed, bent or creased in the packages. When unpacked, you'll notice the leaves are dry and have organically changed shape.
    However, you can bring the chacapa back into shape if you follow our care instructions will you turn the bundle of leaves into "your" chacapa.

    Open the fan, spray the individual leaves with water, carefully clean and smooth them out and then reassemble leaf by leaf to make your own chacapa - tie it well and then finish it off, if you wish, with the handle ribbon provided or your own beautiful textile. Then hang it up to dry in the shade in a place where it can dry slowly, with the leaves facing downwards. It is important that it dries slowly, otherwise the leaves will become brittle. If it dries so slowly that there is a risk of mould, waggle it every now and then to air it.

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