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Paul Gaeta's (aka Otorongo) 3rd full length ambient album carries along on a 4th World trajectory, fusing ancient mystical traditions with modern production techniques, in an effort to create a timeless sound that lulls one into a state of hypnagogic bliss.

At its core, "Aquatic Embrace" is a tribute to our oceans, rivers, and tributaries. The album's 44 minutes of ethereal music capture the magic and mystery of these life-giving bodies of water, their power, and their ever-changing moods. The music on this album is a call to action, urging us to protect and preserve the delicate balance of our aquatic ecosystems for generations to come.

Gaeta's artful production seamlessly blends electronic ambient music with the organic sounds of bespoke harps, hand pans, wooden flutes and modular synthesizers. The result is a sonic tapestry that is both ethereal and earthy, dreamlike and grounded.


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Aquatic Embrace LP

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