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Reflections on Autumn

I woke up today to the cool air of an Autumn day in the mountains. On my morning walk I soaked it in and felt the many feelings that accompany big shifts in the seasons, and in the seasons of our lives.

Asheville is such a beautiful place to be in the fall, as the leaves change color and are shed. No matter how many seasons you've experienced here, they never cease to inspire. Consider the fact that within 3 months the trees here will be bare again, revealing parts of the forest and skyline hitherto inaccessible during the warmer months.

Couple that with the certainty that green leaves and colorful foliage will disappear and return again in due time, and you have a truly awesome transformation on display, each season with its unique set of miracles to behold.

In Western North Carolina, the changing of seasons is not something you get used to; the pacing of it all ensures this. Just as we begin to take either the weather or the landscape for granted, just as we come to expect something from it, it's subtly new and unlike what we have anticipated.

Today I wrote some, I spoke some, and I loved some.

If you're in the Asheville area this Sunday, come by for a sound bath with yours truly.

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