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Labels to Love: Serein

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

My go to label for edgy Ambient that never disappoints.

Serein is an archaic word meaning ‘the supposed fall of dew from a clear sky right after sunset’. However, nowadays we identify this delicate dew as Huw Robert’s exceptional record label based in Wales, the United Kingdom. The label was founded in 2005 and its original intention was to release music as free downloads, but according to the website ‘in the interest of continued growth, a decision was made in early 2009 to explore some carefully considered commercial avenues’. 

Serein focuses on quality over quantity and constantly tries to discover talented musicians and promote fresh shapes of sound. When I was healing from my recent hip surgery, Serein was a major part of my recovery. Every album I listened to in their catalog, which includes about 20-30 album, spanning about a decade , is amazing. I've purchased the bulk of it on bandcamp so far and plan to buy everything in their catalog, it's that good.

There's quite a bit of electro acoustic works, pieces for piano and electronics, as well as more sound design oriented soundscapes.

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Listen to Serein on Bandcamp

Some of my favorites albums from their catalog

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