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A Forgiveness Practice

Updated: Jan 31

Recently I've been offering a weekly experience at my local Community Center called The Harmony of Forgiveness. Essentially, it's a karma clearing, or "forgiveness" practice, followed by a sound bath, during which I play flutes, drums, gongs and hand pans. The offering is 1-hour long and donation based.

The Harmony of Forgiveness takes place every Tuesday at 2pm at The Harvest House in Kenilworth, Asheville NC at 2pm. I'd love to see you there, no need to RSVP.

In the meantime, I'd like to share the basics of a Taoist forgiveness practice with you. This practice is something I learned from the book Soul Healing Miracles by Dr. Xi Gang Sha.

There are two aspects of this forgiveness practice

  • Sincerely Ask for Forgiveness 

  • Unconditionally forgive others

Repeat the following mantras. Start with a few repetitions and work you way up. It's as simple as speaking the words below with sincere intent. Once you've practiced this aloud, try repeating it silently, and alternate.

Taoist Forgiveness Practice 


Dear all souls and people I have harmed, in all lifetimes, 

I sincerely apologize.

Please forgive me.  Thank you.


Dear all souls and all people who have harmed me, in all lifetimes,

I forgive you unconditionally. 

This practice can become a part of your daily routine, perhaps something you repeat in the morning before yoga, mediation or gardening. Pair it with your grounding and spiritual practices. Invite any unresolved "darkness" to join you in your morning routine (yoga for example) after you chant the Taoist forgiveness mantra.



I find it helpful to light a candle at an altar before you begin. Give the forgiveness practice a try and let me know what comes up for you.

Remember, you can join us at The Harvest House (Kenilworth in Asheville, NC) for a guided group practice on Tuesdays at 2pm, every week. After a brief guided forgiveness meditation I offer a 30 min sound-bath so you can integrate your practice, and bathe in the harmony of forgiveness.

You can also work with me 1:1. if you're looking to explore sound healing in a private setting.

Till next time. - Oto


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