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Paul Gaeta



Paul Gaeta has nearly 20 years of experience working with sound in a variety of formats.  His current sonic focus is on the healing aspects of vibration.  Having experienced first hand the therapeutic qualities of sound during his recovery from a hip surgery in 2019, he has since dedicated his craft to ambient music and sound therapy.  His Otorongo project takes a love for electronic music and pairs it with ancient healing traditions to create music to sleep, meditate, and study to.  


I'm a seasoned multi-instrumentalist and award-winning recording artist, with over two decades of experience in production, live music performance, and various meditation practices. 


Certified as a Ho'oponopono facilitator and currently completing my Sound Healing Certification through The Sound Healing Academy, I bring a wealth of expertise. In Asheville, NC, I organize successful sound healing and Kirtan events, such as the monthly "Otorongo & Friends" at The Well and a weekly sound bath at The Harvest House. These events, featuring sound healing, Kirtan, and forgiveness meditation, have garnered strong support, with attendees often traveling hours to participate.

To enhance the experience, I have recently formed the Luminous Heart Ensemble, a live ensemble showcased in the attached video from last Sunday's performance.  We are a 5-piece ensemble focusing on Vedic and Hindu mantras which are both simple and profound, with an aim to fully engage everyone in attendance.

My ambient music project "Otorongo" incorporates electronic music production techniques with ancient acoustic instruments to provide listeners with expansive inward journeys, rest and relaxation, and to facilitate and support healing and meditation. 

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