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Otorongo is an Asheville NC based flutist and electronic musician, whose music has explored a range of genres over the past decade, from hip hop and bass music under the name Panther God to experimental ambient under his current alias.


As Paul Gaetaʼs style has evolved, so has his artistic practice, which has seen him begin to incorporate various wooden flutes and modular synthesizers into his workflow.

Gaetaʼs artistic philosophy isnʼt just focused on the technical aspect of synthesis and production; it includes a spiritual outlook that combines his love of martial arts and plant medicine with a close connection to his natural surroundings: The Blue Ridge Mountains.



soothsayers of tomorrow
well versed in spells and arcana
gather out in glowing forests
led by a wise man with no pretense

the ghost deer dances around us in approval
as we spit out our hungry ghosts like giant cats choking on bones
feeling clean and sweet as mint afterwards
under the moon of forgiveness

our solidarity is palpable
helping hands in both realms ready to receive
and clean you for your purpose
for your purpose seeks to employ you

cast cast a spell
call a spell my child!
come cast a spell
cast a spell my child!

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